Meet Meghan Robidoux, IWRC Research Assistant – 2016

Hi, my name is Meghan Robidoux.  I recently completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) at Nipissing University, specializing in environmental geography. I am looking forward to beginning a Masters of Planning (MPl) at Queen’s University in September.
This summer I am focusing my efforts on water quality data collection at our Wasi River sampling station. My position is funded in-part by the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority, a frequent partner of IWRC and important contributor to the research underway at this location.
I have become familiar with the field equipment in use at this station, including ISCO autosamplers and a DTS-12 turbidity probe which were installed on June 22nd of this year. In addition to collecting and processing storm event samples, I am responsible for analyzing and reporting on data collected during the 2014 and 2015 field seasons. One of the primary objectives of this research is to analyze total phosphorus (TP) loading and develop a preliminary model to predict TP concentrations. I am using SPSS software  to conduct correlation and regression analyses. I will submit a cumulative report at the end of the summer to document the progress of this project thus far.
The opportunity to be a part of the IWRC team is an exciting addition to my research repertoire. While my previous experience primarily involved topics in human geography and qualitative research, an expanded knowledge of quantitative research methods and statistics will no doubt come in handy throughout graduate studies.