3 May 2018 – Come see MES/MESc graduate student proposal presentations at NU.

Phosphorous in Callander Bay, petroleum exploration in the Niger delta, the bureaucracy of traplines in Kashechewan, and the role of Indigenous art in making on decolonizing cultural identity, environmental rights, and oral histories. These topics represent just some of the important research being undertaken by graduate students in Nipissing’s Masters of Environmental Studies/Master of Environmental Sciences program, and you are invited to learn more.

Students are presenting their research on May 3, from 1 – 4:30 p.m. in room A224, in the 2018 MES/MESc Graduate Student Proposal Presentations.

Here is the full schedule the afternoon:

1:05  Megan Lozicki. Conversations With the Land: The role of Indigenous art making on decolonizing cultural identity, environmental rights, and oral histories. Advisor: Dr. Carly Dokis.

1:25 Keithen Sutherland. Family or Bureaucratic Traplines?: The Registered Trapline System as a Tool of Colonialism in Kashechewan First Nation. Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Greer.

1:45 Nicole Peltier. Ontario Land Tenure Modernization. Advisor: Dr. Robin Gendron.

2:05  Short Break – End of Session 1   (refreshments available)

2:15  Jessica Desrochers. Conscientiousness as a Mediator of the Gender-Environmental Relationship.Advisor: Dr. Steven Arnocky.

2:35 Ayla Brombach. Prediction of Soil Moisture Regime and its Relationship to Tree Growth and Wood Quality in the Boreal Forest of Newfoundland. Advisor:Dr. Jeff Dech.

2:55 Ikemdinachi Obasi. Community Perception of Impact of Petroleum Exploration on Groundwater in the Niger Delta. Advisor: Dr. Odwa Atari.

3:15 Short Break – End of Session 2

3:25  Robyn Jones. Meteorological Effects on the Role of Internal Phosphorus Loadings and Anoxia in Callander Bay, Lake Nipissing. Advisors: Dr. April James and Dr. Dan Walters.

3:45 Doug Chase. Patterns of Contaminant Distribution in the Sediment of Lake Nipissing. Advisor: Dr. Lesley Lovett-Doust.

4:05 Jane White. Effects of Antecedent Moisture Conditions and Seasonality on Phosphorus Hysteresis Patterns and Loading in a Boreal, Agricultural Watershed. Advisors: Dr. April James and Merrin Macrae.