Dr. April James
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, Nipissing University. Canada Research Chair – Watershed Analysis and Modeling.  Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Biology, Laurentian University. Specialization: Catchment and hillslope hydrology, streamflow generation, stable isotope hydrology.
Dr. Dan Walters
Professor, Dept. of Geography, Nipissing University.   Specialization: Water governance; First Nations drinking water and wastewater risk; harmful algae blooms; agricultural decision support.
Dr.Krys Chutko
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Saskatchewan   Specialization: Earth systems science; weather and climate; Arctic environmental change; sedimentology.
Dr. Kirsten Greer
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography/Dept. of History, Canada Research Chair – Environmental History.  Specialization: Cultural and historical geography, critical geopolitics, environmental history, political ecology, geographies of science.
Dr, Mark Wachowiak 
Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Sciences/Mathematics   Specialization:  Data visualization, computer science

Dr. Huaxia Yao

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Geography, Nipissing University.   Research Scientist, Dorset Environmental Science Centre, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.  Specialization: Hydrology, Meteorology, Analysis and simulation of dynamics in atmosphere-vegetation-watershed-water systems; Impacts of multiple environmental stressors on water quantity/quality.

Technical Staff

Rebecca Snider
IWRC Hydrological Technician  (2017-present)
Tim Field
Nipissing University -Dorset Environmental Science Centre Research Partnership Technician (2015-present)

Current Graduate and UnderGRADUATE Students

Robyn Jones, MESc graduate student (2017 – present)
Jane White, MESc graduate student (2017 – present)
Kim Montgomery, Research Assistant, undergraduate thesis (2018 – present)


Ibrahim Rashid, PDF (2018)

Emily Dusome, Undergraduate RA (summers 2017, 2018)

Brittany Germain, MESc Graduate Student (RA summer 2013; 2016-2018)

Laurel Muldoon, MESc Graduate Student (RA Summer 2016; 2016-2018)

Megan Prescott, IWRC Hydrological Technician (2015-17)

Nancy England, MESc Graduate Student (2012-17)

Chris McConnell, MESc Graduate Student (2012-17)

Megan Robidoux, Undergraduate RA (summer 2016)

J Saunders, Undergraduate RA (summer 2016)

Jasmine Taulu, Undergraduate RA (summer 2015)

David McCorkell, IWRC Hydrological Technician (2014-15)

Nathan Mountain, MESc Graduate Student (2011-2014)

Krys Chutko, IWRC Hydrological Technician (2012-14)

Kristen Cumming, Undergraduate RA (summer 2012)

John Wright,IWRC Hydrological Technician (2011-2012)

Katie Shea, Isotope Lab Technician (2011)

Melodie Tessier, Coordinator – Lake Nipissing State of the Basin Report

Congsheng Fu, PDF (2011-13)

Jamie Girard, MESc Graduate Student