Dr. April James
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, Canada Research Chair Tier II – Watershed Analysis and Modeling  Specialization: Catchment and hillslope hydrology, streamflow generation, stable isotope hydrology.

Dr. Dan Walters
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography   Specialization: Water governance; First Nations drinking water and wastewater risk; harmful algae blooms; agricultural decision support.
Dr.Krys Chutko
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography   Specialization: Earth systems science; weather and climate; Arctic environmental change; sedimentology.
Dr. Kirsten Greer
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography/Dept. of History, Canada Research Chair Tier II – Environmental History    Specialization: Cultural and historical geography, critical geopolitics, environmental history, political ecology, geographies of science.
Dr. Carly Dokis
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology    Specialization: Environmental anthropology, anthropology of development, qualitative research methodologies, ethnology of northern Canada.
Dr. John Kovacs
Professor, Dept. of Geography   Specialization: Environmental monitoring; environmental mapping; remote sensing; biogeography
Dr, Mark Wachowiak 
Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Sciences/Mathematics   Specialization:  Data visualization, computer science
Dr. Ben Kelly
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology   Specialization: Microsociological perspectives in environmental sociology; sociology of science and technology; political ecology; qualitative research methods
Dr. James Murton
Associate Professor, Dept. of History, Chair  Specialization: North American environmental history; Food and Agriculture; Canadian West; British Columbia.

Technical Staff

Megan Prescott
IWRC Hydrological Technician
Megan Prescott

Graduate Students

Brittany Germain Brittany Rundle
Nancy England nancy
Chris McConnell Chris McConnell


David McCorkell, IWRC Hydrological Technician

Melodie Tessier, Coordinator – Lake Nipissing State of the Basin Report

Nathan Mountain, MESc Graduate Student